I thrive and learn the best from receiving feedback, and of course you get a greater idea of the experience you can look forward to under my sadistic care...

Freshie is alluring, caring, cruel and experienced.

 If rope bondage is one of your interests then you have to visit her!!! I was bound inescapably and tickled until I could take any more. Super fun adventure !

- R 12/5/21

I had a great session with Freshie a few days ago.

 She made it very easy set everything up. Her rope bondage skills really are top notch!She also has really beautiful feet, if that’s your thing. I highly recommend her to anybody interested!

- B 12/10/21

I had an absolutely wonderful session with Freshie!!! 

From the moment we met I knew I was in safe and professional hands, the space is also discrete and clean. Freshies skills in bondage and kink are out of this world. The entire time I enjoyed being her sub being retrained and at her mercy. I highly recommend reaching out to schedule with Freshie because I know I will again :)))

- S 12/12/21

She is a goddess. I've had hundreds of sessions in the past but nothing was like that.

 She doesn't say it but she is STRONG. I asked her to headscissor me and she agreed but she said that she isn't that good at it. In the first 3 three seconds she had me tapping and begging for her mercy. She forced me to get on my four and kiss her ass and her feet. I had to beg for her mercy multiple times and I was her bitch. She is the most powerful and hot dominatrux the world has ever seen

- M 12/23/21

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